Mentoring – Personal Support to Improve Your Foraging Journey

Who is mentoring for? (Application form is at the bottom of this page)

It is for anyone who is interested in increasing their knowledge of identification and edibility of wild plants, fungi and seaweed.

By working with a mentor you get a completely bespoke experience, tailored exclusively to your own interests and knowledge.

Sessions would suit:

* complete beginners through to occasional foragers looking to widen their knowledge of wild food and how to use them

*Parents who want to encourage their children outside more

*Anyone wanting to know more about the ‘weeds’ in their garden and beyond

We are also able to offer some sessions to small groups via Zoom.

Examples of What Your Mentoring Sessions Could Cover?

Plants, fungi, seaweed

Identification help and guidance

Building confidence to know what is safe to eat…….and what is not!

Preserving tips – including dehydration, pickling, syrup/cordial making, fermentation

Recipes and cooking

Habitat and seasons – where and when to look for different foods

Recognising some poisonous species and how to stay safe.

What might your mentoring programme look like?

An initial online video meeting to get to know one another and establish an initial approach to future sessions.

A regular video meeting where we can review what you’ve experienced, identify any plants that you’ve found, learn what might be coming into season and plan the next period of activity.

Signposting  links and further reading

One-to-one communication via WhatsApp or email to answer your questions, help with ID, photographs, cookery advice etc.

Dependent on Covid restrictions we may also meet up to do some real-life foraging. (cost will vary but will be agreed beforehand).

What does it cost?

Each online session costs £15 and lasts around 45 minutes to an hour.

A 6 month block booking (8 online sessions) can be arranged for a discounted upfront fee of £105.

In our current lockdown and social distancing environment I am very happy to offer this service free of charge to those that can’t afford to pay. Mentoring applications will be assessed and accepted based on your interest and reasons for applying rather than your ability to pay.


If you would like to apply to join our mentor programme please complete the form below. We’ll normally be in touch within a few days.

We don't need you full address, just a rough guide